BCL (Beauty Creative Lab)


BCL (Beauty Creative Lab) is a Japanese brand that has been in business since 1996. This long-standing company utilizes premium ingredients to formulate skin-friendly products to meet the different needs of the modern day woman. The carefully chosen ingredients are blended well to have an impact on the user’s body, mind, and soul for a long-lasting refreshed feeling.

BCL (Beauty Creative Lab) – Utilizes premium ingredients to formulate skin-friendly products

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Over the course of its 23 years in operation, BCL has successfully introduced incredible lines such as Browlash, Tsururi, VECUA, AHA, Saborino, and Woman Essentials. The most recent VECUA Honey and Honey Roa lines were introduced in 2011 to focus on nature-infused products as a result of the successful collaboration with the StylingLife Group.

This Japanese brand has become a household name thanks to the long-standing Be. Care. Love philosophy that focusses on using the finest ingredients to take care of yourself as well as other people while enjoying life to the fullest. BCL offers a rich collection of skin care and makeup products to meet your everyday skin care needs, with much emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

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