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On days when your skin just can’t stop oozing shine with excess sebum, blotting papers are your best bet! These magical papers remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup or water balance. And unlike tissue and toilet paper, these ones are super absorbent and better still, enriched with essential ingredients like rice, flax seeds, cotton, among others. So, why don’t you enjoy instant gratification and leave your face feeling and looking more matte?

What’s more, you can regulate the amount of shine you want to do away with. If you’re looking to wipe off a small area, then you can use the sheets on the specific areas and leave the rest. Their ease of use and convenience makes them a fan favorite. Regardless of the situation, there sheets always come in handy. Did you put on more sunscreen that you need? Or are you running to a meeting? Just spread the blotting paper over specific areas and get rid of the excess shine. Easy. Right?

Especially if you have oily skin, blotting papers are certainly something you want to always have in your bag. And while they won’t necessarily remedy acne and blackheads, these sheets will certainly keep your skin feeling fresh throughout the day. Moreover, absorbing excess sebum keeps your makeup and lipstick intact.

Unlike the traditional powders, blotting papers won’t leave a sticky feeling behind. Simply spread the sheet on your face after applying makeup to suck off excess oils and promote longevity. Another beauty hack? Blot your lips after applying your favorite lipstick before finishing off with a final layer. This not only controls the shine, but it also ensures that the skincare product remains intact.

Blotting is a convenient way to maintain your makeup and keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. Check out the best blotting papers at TofuSecret and enjoy a long-lasting matte look.

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