Eye Care

While the skin around your eyes is the same as the skin in any other part of the body, there exist certain differences that render it more delicate. Because it’s super thin and gentle, the skin around the eyes is affected the most by factors such as the sunlight and aging. It’s also less resistant to environmental adversities and harsh conditions as compared to the skin from other parts of the body.

Most importantly, the skin around the eyes houses the protective fat layer that protects the eyes from injury. The blood vessels and capillaries are much smaller- all which sums up how delicate the skin is. This susceptibility to environmental and personal factors means that taking care of your eyes is a priority that shouldn’t be overlooked.

And fully aware of how important our eyes are, coupled with the innate passion for good eye care, TofuSecret has hand-picked the best eye care products from renowned brands for you and your loved ones. Check out some of the latest additions and make sure your eyes are taken care of every day!

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