Eye Masks

While Sheet Masks are a thing of beauty with numerous benefits, sometimes all you need is a small mask that only covers the skin around your eyes. The worldwide growth in demand for eye masks can be attributed to their convenience and ease of use.

Eye masks, specifically target the dark circles around your eyes, puffiness, and texture change which happens early in the morning mostly because of failure to get adequate sleep. Some other factors that promote early morning puffiness include genetic composition, thinning skin, and allergies, all of which are beyond your control.

Don’t worry though, TofuSecret has what you need- a rich collection of exquisite eye masks that will work out magic on your eyes regardless of your skin type. Whether you’re looking for an overnight treatment, a daytime cure, or a once- a week option, there’s something for everyone.

And what’s amazing about the masks is you can wear them anytime as you go on with your daily activities. Just wash your face with warm water and pop them for 20-30 minutes for revitalized and sparkly eyes.  

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