Probably the most humble start you’ve ever heard of, Shangpree started off as a one-bed spa in Nakseongdae, Seoul. Three decades later, this brand couldn’t be doing any better!

SHANGPREE – The Best Cosmetology Hub In Korea

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Bits by bits, Shangpree has grown with sincerity to customers and consistent improvements being its major pillars. From the first customer that stepped in their small one-bed spa in 1990 to the millions that enjoy their skincare products around the world, the experience is always exceptional. 

This spa-based South Korean skincare brand uses its accumulated expertise and industry know-how to maintain an edge over its competitors. In fact, Shangpree has garnered over 100 Beauty and Wellness awards over the last decade. Impressive. Isn’t it? 

The incredible blend of cosmetology specialists and estheticians makes the brand a force to reckon with.

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