Sun Spray

A sun spray is a form of sunscreen that absorbs harmful UV rays from the sun to prevent sunburns, skin degeneration, and wrinkles. There is a wide range of sun sprays designed to meet the needs of the vast market based on the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), ingredients, and your skin type.

Whether it’s the summer or not, a sun spray comes in handy by providing the much-needed protection to make sure the sun doesn’t come between you and fun. And while basking in the sun is a great way to get Vitamin D which is vital in bone development, the sun must be enjoyed responsibly.

What’s more responsible than using sun spray before heading out? The spray shields you from excessive exposure to UVB rays without affecting your schedule of activities. Also, most of these sprays are water-resistant which means that you can also use them when you are swimming. Quite amazing. Right?

TofuSecret has the best selection of sun sprays that you’ll ever get. And regardless of your skin type, our products will not only protect you from the sun but they also rehydrate your skin.

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