Whitening Essence

With most of its ingredients extracted from natural herbs, you can never go wrong with Whitening Essence. This lightweight product works on your skin’s appearance by reducing the intensity of dark spots and enhancing complexion uniformity. Through its powerful active ingredients like Vitamin C, Hexyl Resorcinol, Rhubarb, among others, Whitening Essence guarantees a luscious and consistent skin in as little as four weeks.
Whitening Essence also contains Avene thermal spring water which is soothing to the skin and Myrthe extracts which are rich in anti-radical polyphenols, a compound necessary for melanin regulation. The combination of all these ingredients gives rise to a unique formula that not only remedies black spots on your skin but also boosts cell renewal and regulates melanin production for a uniformed complexion.
Enjoy shopping the best Whitening Essence for your skin at TofuSecret at incredibly affordable prices. We understand how important first impressions are, which is why we have a rich collection for you to choose from.

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