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Skincare is essential in maintaining a healthy complexion, and regardless of your routine, you’ll certainly appreciate the benefits of including BB & CC Creams. These two moisturizing and correcting powerhouses join a long list of vital skincare products, including foundations and tinted moisturizers. So, why do you need to include the Creams to your skincare routine? What’s their specific use? And, which one is the most ideal for your skin concerns?

Let’s look into the details of each of them together. Shall we?

What is BB Cream?

BB Creams are an Asian skincare product that is becoming more popular across the globe with every day that passes. To start with, BB stands for Beauty Balm, a household name, especially in Japan and which alludes to a lightweight foundation that is also more effective than a tinted moisturizer. The shared attributes of a foundation and moisturizer make it ideal for people who want coverage but don’t want to walk out of the house with a full face of makeup.

Unlike the regular foundation, BB Creams come with added skincare benefits like Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and anti-oxidation function. So, why not treat your skin to lightweight coverage without the feeling of heavy foundation? Moreover, BB Creams boasts of a high concentration of skin brightening ingredients!

What is CC Cream?

The standout difference between a BB Cream & CC Cream is very subtle. Firstly, CC stands for “Color Correcting,” and the Cream uses light-diffusing particles to remedy common skin concerns like redness and sallowness. On the other hand, BB Creams are lighter foundations that offer extra moisturizing, brightening, and anti-oxidation benefits to your skin.

Similarly, CC Creams also don’t leave you with a heavy makeup-like feel. However, CC Creams are specifically designed to correct redness, acne, dark spots, among other blemishes. So, your choice on which of the two to go for will depend on your specific needs. If you want a lighter foundation but a more effective one than a tinted moisturizer, get a BB Cream. But, if you’re looking for a lightweight option to correct skin blemishes, a CC Cream is it! Check out the wide selection of BB & CC Creams at TofuSecret and get yourself the one that suits your skin type.

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