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Founded in 1997, Sulwhasoo has throughout the years strived to live to its name which translates to Sul (Snow), Wha (Flower), and Soo (Phenomenal) in their attempt to remain at the top and beat competition. This impressive brand has maintained high levels of quality in their product development process by using a holistic approach to carefully treat and nourish the skin.

For more than two decades now, Sulwhasoo has proved to be a force to reckon with based on their long-standing commitment to simplify women’s skin care routines without affecting the end product. From the Vitalizing Creams to the Activating Serums, the brand has set out to restore the natural skin’s vitality, equilibrium, and glow, for a healthy, revitalized body and mind.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX

Sulwhasoo – Sul (Snow), Wha (Flower), and Soo (Phenomenal)

The Sulwhasoo flagship online store is now on TofuSecret! Restore your natural skin vitality with Sulwhasoo’s signature Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, Essential Balancing Emulsion & more! Check out the Sulwhasoo skincare selection & purchase it online today!


Ginseng Line

Sulwhasoo has a rigorous scientific approach to ginseng and aims to bring its powerful vitality directly into the skin. They add concentrated ginseng with anti-aging properties to their latest line of products, which is the most effective solution to combat aging problem. Sulwhasoo combines the Korean ginseng tradition with advanced skincare science to rejuvenate the skin. Use Sulwhasoo’s ginseng anti-aging product today to make your skin smooth, glowing and firm.


Essential Line

Essential series effectively moisturizes dry skin from the inside out and restores skin health by moisturizing richly. The products are able to balance the skin and provide adequate moisture, nutrition and elasticity to combat aging