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TofuSecret™ offers the widest selection of skin care and beauty brands from East Asia, particularly Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Why TofuSecret™?

TofuSecret™ is one of the largest megastores offering Asian renowned skin care and beauty brands. Our top-notch customer service impresses all. Can’t find the brand you are looking for? Need help? Talk to us at the Live Chat! We are available 18 hours a day, 7 days a week! We’re dedicated to serving you


  1. We offer a huge range of skin care products. As the website is relatively new,  please allow us to launch more products from time to time. If you need anything urgent, let us know, we will help, we should have them.
  2. Free Delivery Worldwide! Enjoy free shipping with a single purchase of USD 30 and above.
  3. Fast Delivery! Typically, delivery takes 5-7 working days. And it’s free! If you need express service, it takes 2-3 working days to deliver.
  4. Affordable Price! Have you ever wondered, why the prices of the skin care and beauty products you find in local stores are much higher than the price you see at TofuSecret™? There are many reasons behind. But in short, TofuSecret™ is able to offer the same quality products at a much affordable price! Plus the free shipping! What’s better than this?
  5. What’s more? Nothing is better when we have skin care specialists in the team to advice. We have skin care and beauty pros in the team, who have knowledge and experience in producing skin care items. They know what ingredient is needed to target every unique skin care case. Feel free to talk to us and we can advise individually. You now have a skin care adviser for free!



TofuSecret™ offers the widest selection of skin care and beauty brands from East Asia, particularly Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. East Asians are known with their all-time young looking. Would you like to explore the secret behind? Try products from TofuSecret™.

  • We provide personal advise service. Tell us the skincare and beauty questions you have, we can advise accordingly.
  • TofuSecret™ accepts credit cards and PayPal.
  • We deliver your order in about a week.
  • The price you find on TofuSecret™ is much lower than other sites or your local stores.
  • Follow us closely, our royalty program allows you to save more!


If you can’t find the item or brand you want, please talk to us via the Live Chat box at the bottom. We are available to help and respond immediately. We can provide the items you need immediately.

We provide personal advice service. We have cosmetics and skin care specialists in the team. They are able to advise the right item that fixes your skin care problems. You now have a skin care adviser for free!

With TofuSecret™, you

  • Save More Money!
    • Shop at a lower price than your local stores! They could potentially be cheaper than those you find in Japan and Korea!
  • Save Time!
    • With our minimum order, we deliver to your doorstep at no extra costs! No longer need to drive out, stuck in traffic, pay parking fees to shop.
  • Get a Personal Beauty & Skincare Adviser!
    • Our skincare specialists will be able to help if you have any questions, talk to us via the Live Chat below.
  • Reach us 18 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!
    • You have problems reaching the right person for help whenever you shop online? Sending them an email takes days to get a reply? That’s not the service what you will receive here. Our Live Chat is available most of the time for help. If you send us an email, you will receive a response within 24 hours!


TofuSecret – World’s Largest Asian and Korean Skin Care Products Megastore

TofuSecret is a leading Asian skincare and beauty retailer, focusing on skin care and beauty products from Asia. The beauty and skin care industry is improving faster than ever, brands are offering top quality products in a faster pace than ever. TofuSecret is able to present customers the latest products from Asia. Most importantly, the prices here are much more affordable than your local stores and websites. Why Pay More?

On the other hand, is the best platform for Asia’s beauty and skincare brands to market and sell worldwide.


Why is TofuSecret named after?

  • A very easy-to-remember name.
  • Tofu is a type of food originated and consumed in East Asia, where our brands and products come from.


  • Tofu, a very healthy and natural type of food source. Vegetarians, vegans, and healthy eaters love tofu as one of their protein sources. At TofuSecret, you can find quality and natural beauty & skin care products. TofuSecret is also offering its own skincare brand, it is natural, handmade and does not contain any harmful artificial ingredients.
  • East Asians offer the impression that they always look younger than their age. What’s the secret behind? Find out at TofuSecret.


“Offering Asian skincare and beauty products at an affordable price, speedy delivery, and superb customer service. You can find nothing similar in your local store.”

With combined years of experience in skincare, beauty, and e-commerce. TofuSecret is able to leverage our own success and offer Asian quality products at an affordable price. With clicks, you will receive your order in days.


Products & Service

Our professional TofuSecret skin care and beauty specialists handpick top quality brands and products, offer them at affordable prices. You are able to find the best-fit items that bring your appearance to the next level.

At TofuSecret, our all-time available customer service specialists are committed to providing help and assuring you have a smooth shopping experience. Our after-sale-service is simply world class, and none of the other retailers can be on par with us. Have a try! You will be impressed.

Check out our skincare and beauty blog. Our specialists will update from time to time, to ensure the most accurate and updated information. We know how it feels when there is too much information online. You are confused and unable to tell which is the right one. What’s more? We have a presence across all social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to reach us, our customer specialists are able to respond promptly.

Skincare and beauty products are our focus, we may be improving the range of our products. We are dedicated to providing a top class experience.

What You Can Expect

Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed assures your shopping experience. Anything you are not happy with? Feel free to talk to us.



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