Why Buy From TofuSecret?

Why Buy From TofuSecret?

You got 8 reasons to make TofuSecret your #1 choice!

As you notice, there are a lot of retailers, why should you buy from TofuSecret? You are offered a wide variety of Korean and Japanese brands that are found especially affordable here. Compared with other channels, you could probably spend less for more here. Getting gorgeous is less costly and difficult from now on. We have our professional team at the frontline selecting the best items to expand our offerings. We make frequent updates and endeavor to gather as much as all of your favorite items at one point. The main 8 areas on which TofuSecret focuses to provide you the best shopping experience are as follows:


18/7 Customer Service

Get your questions and concerns immediately addressed by talking to us (real humans) via the chat box in the bottom right. We’d love to know you and your concerns all the time.



Attractive Pricing

Our prices can be as low as wholesalers, especially if you take advantage of extra discounts from our On-Sale Selection and Loyalty Program. You’ll earn tofus from previous orders for a payment deduction in your next purchase (1 tofu = US$1*). We offer the most attractive prices that you’ll never find elsewhere.


Authentic Reviews System

Using an independent third-party entities system, TofuSecret only allows reviews from verified customers. We hope the unbiased, sincere, and honest reviews can help you make the smartest purchase decisions.



Careful Examination Before Delivery

Freshness and quality are what TofuSecret concerns the most when collecting inventory. We examine the package and best-by dates carefully before every delivery, to offer you the most FRESH-produced items kept in perfect condition. So far not a single customer has received an expired item.


Free Worldwide Delivery

Wherever you live, once your single purchase meets the minimum requirement^, you’ll earn a free and duty-free shipping for the order. We pack and send your order within 2 working days. The order should reach you 5-7 working days under normal circumstances.


Hand-Picking Products

Everything you find at TofuSecret has been tested by our skincare QC team, who picks the best quality Korean and Japanese products against various criteria so as to provide you the best-performing ones.


Personal Privacy First

Your privacy deserves to be a priority. Compliant with the European Union GDPR privacy laws, we promise to keep your personal information confidential. Your every order info is fully encrypted and cannot be accessed.

Well-ventilated and Hygienic Warehouses

Air-conditioned and clean, TofuSecret’s warehouses secure the best condition of the inventories against unwanted humidity and heat. We endeavor to deliver fresh and quality products to every customer.


* amount corresponding to your currency

^ For details, please visit the Shipping and Returns page.


Want to become a PRO in online shopping? Don’t miss out a single benefit provided by us. You can’t imagine how much it’ll save you spending more.

Free worldwide shipping 

You’ll earn a free shipping for your single purchase of US$30+ (corresponding to your currency).

Attractive Discounts on On-sale items 

Check out our sale page for attractive discounts on many popular items. Shop here for your favorite items at most affordable prices. 

Loyalty Program: 1 tofu = US$1 saved

You’ll earn tofus for items purchased for a payment deduction in your next purchase! 



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