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Matching your specific skin concerns with the right product

For over 145 years, Shiseido has continued to inspire beauty as a positive force that can spearhead the next generation boldly into the future. This brand believes in finding beauty beyond what’s visible to the eye and sharing it.
Shiseido appreciates beauty as a feeling and not an image. And as we all know, sharing is caring. Imagine living in a world where we all shared a beautiful feeling of beauty. It would certainly be a better place. Right?

Through diversity and throughout all of humanity, Shiseido believes beauty can be achieved by matching your specific skin concerns with the right product.

Share the feeling of beauty with those that matter the most to you with the rich collection of Shiseido beauty products available at TofuSecret.


Ultimune Line

Ultimune is the product collection which can best reflect the quality of Shiseido skin care products. It can enhance the natural defence ability of the skin effectively. It is also effective in smoothing, softening and reducing fine lines and giving you a healthy appearance.


Shiseido Original

Shiseido’s beauty philosophy, especially skin care, has focused on time-honored methods and traditional Japanese culture of abundance and affluence, which has long been underestimated. Most people don’t know that Japan centers on breakthrough innovation and that Japanese beauty products are both simple and complex in design and formulation


Benefiance Line

Benefiance is shiseido’s best selling care series, with indulgent luxury as the selling point, and strives to create the best anti-aging products. This series of products can effectively needle and improve dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Vital Perfection

With the combined power of the kurenai-trulift complex and ReNeura Technology ++™, discover Shiseido’s most recent scientific advance – the amazing super-moisturizer – that allows you to recreate new life and vitality.



Eudermine Line

Eudermine is one of shiseido’s oldest products and won awards in Japan as early as 1897. This soft lotion instantly provides adequate moisture to the skin and provides the most appropriate adjustments to the skin depending on the climate, thus keeping the moisture content constant regardless of location or time.

Subtly perfumed with an accent of rain-washed peonies that help you to relax your entire body. Skin radiates, its softness evoking that of a flower petal.



This is Shiseido’s cutting-edge series, inspired by the latest clinical advances in medicine, which is the best product in deep anti-aging skin care therapy. LiftDynamic, the unique technology of Shiseido can improve the tightness of skin in the shortest time. The products can also help eliminate redness and dullness through Glow Revival technology, so as to make the skin more radiant and more dazzling.