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I. Skin Focus is an exceptional skincare brand whose roots can be traced back to South Korea. The ingredients include botanical extracts, honey, horse oil, black pearl, bird’s nest, among others.

I. Skin Focus – The gateway to a more conditioned skin

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Botanical extracts are skin-friendly which means everyone, including those with sensitive skin types can enjoy the experience. Here are the benefits of the main ingredients;

  • Honey- it has an anti-bacterial function to control acne. Honey is also a renowned anti-aging and antioxidant agent
  • Horse Oil- It prepares your skin for other skincare products while imparting its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Black Pearl- remedies skin damage from sunburns and regulates the production of melanin to control dark spots
  • Bird’s Nest- it stimulates Collagen and elastin synthesis to improve the skin firmness and remedy wrinkles

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