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COSRX is one of the best Korean skincare brands offering the best solutions to various skin concerns. The brand makes the best out of its wide-ranging experience in the beauty and skin health industry to carefully gather skin-friendly and nutrient-rich ingredients. The ingredients are then blended into different skincare products with your skin type, texture, tone, and concern in mind. This way, your specific skin concern is addressed from the get-go to improve the product’s effectiveness and avoid irritation.


The brand operates under the slogan of ‘EXPECTING TOMORROW,’ which works on presenting your skin with the best quality care so that your tomorrow feels and looks better than your today. Quite a simple and straightforward approach. Don’t you think?

The year 2015 marked the beginning of something special for COSRX; the skin-friendly Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser was created. This gentle and caring Cleanser induces radiance to your skin while removing cloudy impurities and exposing supple, glowing skin. The brand appreciates how important skincare is, especially in the modern-day world and has consistently been trying to offer solutions that are more effective, concern-centered, and skin-friendly.


AC Collection Line

An intensive line for acne prone skin. A stress free solution to breaking the vicious  cycle of acne.

For troubled skin #Calm #Sensitive #AcneTreatment #AcneScars


Balancium Line

Hypoallergenic skincare for healthier skin. Strengthens the skin barrier to restore balance to the skin.

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Hydrium Line

Deliver more than just hydration. Infused with moisturising ingredients to deliver a burst of hydration to dry skin.

Essential for your daily needs. #GlowingSkin #HydratingSkincare #DewySkin


Full Fit Line

Light but packs a punch. Enriched with propolis to nourish dull and tired skin leaving it plump and radiant with a healthy glow.

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