Sheet Masks

Though a bit different from face masks, sheet masks are made from serum-soaked fabric. Basically, the mask works by sealing the ingredients to prevent them from evaporating. The trapped ingredients penetrate the skin, locking in the moisture and bringing out a smooth, glowing complexion. They are used once and are packed independently which renders them easy to use and convenient.

Why sheet masks?

Applying sheet masks is extremely blissful considering you don’t need to wash it off after applying. Just take the mask and place it on your forehead as you slowly pat it to the rest of your face. Leave it for 20-30 minutes, and you’re good to go.

The beauty of diversity is we all come from different regions. This is the same case with our skins- we have different skin types which is why following pre-meditated archaic skincare routines won’t always work as expected. Whether you are a loyal follower of Korean beauty products or not, TofuSecret is here for you! We always go out of our way to present you with ideal sheet masks depending on your skin type and the ingredients you like.

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