With just but a decade in operation, this SD BIOTECHNOLOGIES CO-run brand has already made a name for itself in the global skin care market. SNP uses a patented product development process that encompasses sustained research programs to understand the customers’ needs and formulate body-safe and reliable products that effectively meet the specific needs. 

SNP – ‘Total Skin Solution’ brand innovating the best of SCIENCE and NATURE

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The brand’s incorporation of advanced international biotechnology and use of carefully selected ingredients spurs the formulation of high-quality products that are highly welcomed not only in South Korea but also worldwide. 

The research programs and clinical experiments are spearheaded by Lee Seung-Chang, the dean of SNP Skin Clinic in South Korea. Lee has been committed to solving the different skin concerns by effectively matching them with the right skin care products. All the products are run through sensitive skin tests to enhance their safety and effectiveness. 

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