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Innisfree – A Pristine Island That’s Full of Natural Beauty

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Founded to rejuvenate your skin with the natural attributes and radiance of the pristine Jeju, Innisfree is Korea’s most authentic beauty brand. And just like the South Korean island, its beauty products induce a healing and calming feeling to deprived skin.

Innisfree’s extensive collection of remarkable products oozes pure energy and beauty. They are formulated with essential, nature-derived ingredients like Orchid, Green Tea, among others. What’s more, the ingredients are grown on Jeju’s healthy soil with unpolluted clean water, which makes them more refreshing.

From the time the flowers are blossoming, up until when you’re applying the Moisturizing Lotion on your face, Innisfree’s products induce the rich benefits of nature to your skin.

The brand’s eco-friendly approach enhances sustainability by satisfying all your senses while keeping nature healthy. This impeccable harmony between green nature and youthful beauty makes it popular in Korea as well as other countries across Asia.

The Secret of Innisfree's Jeju Green Tea Seed


Jeju Green Tea Line

Fresh-pressed, hydrating Jeju green tea, rich in amino acids and antioxidants, helps replenish and neutralize the skin, all of these bring a natural glow to your skin. And the best part? Our tea is organically grown and selected for use in natural skin care products.