Exfoliator, Peeling & Scrub

Exfoliator, Peeling & Scrub: Why They Ought to Be in Your Skincare Routine

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A Exfoliator, Peeling & Scrub are two essential skincare products that should be in your daily routine. Why? You might be asking. Well, they both work to lift off dead skin cells to expose the delicate, smooth layer. This not only purifies the skin but it also improves the texture and facilitates the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

Whether you fancy an exfoliating gel or a face scrub, the emphasis remains to do away with dullness-causing dirt without affecting the skin’s moisture-oil balance. Besides, a good exfoliator cleans your pores and improves their appearance for a smoother, translucent texture. So, what’s ideal, between a Face Scrub & Exfoliator? Is it okay to use both? Let’s look at some of the details that you should know about these two products.

Face Exfoliators
Whether physical or chemical, facial exfoliators work to effectively lift off dead skin cells and purify the skin. Grained exfoliators are recommended for dry and oily skin, in particular, because they buff away the dryness and carry along the excess sebum when cleansing the skin. However, if your skin is acne-prone, we recommend chemical options like retinoids and salicylic acid, which gently unclog the pores without weakening the skin barrier. So, grab a facial exfoliator and treat your skin to a revitalizing treatment.

Face Scrub
A good face scrub session comes with a whole lot of benefits to your skin. Firstly, it promotes a clean shave by lifting off beard hair and stubble. This way, you can always get a close cut and rock whatever look you’re going for. Also, face scrubs revitalize and reinvigorate the skin from the harsh shaving foam and razor combination. So, why not enjoy improved skin texture and avoid unnecessary after-shave itching with daily scrubs? They are easy to apply and very effective!

Treatment Bars
It often takes a lot of trial and error to identify the ideal skincare product for your specific needs. Treatment bars, however, are becoming popular with more people crediting them for their overturned skin fortunes. From clearing dark spots, improving dullness and uneven skin tone, to promoting a brighter finish, treatment bars are the real deal. And what’s more, they’re free from harmful chemicals and irritants, which makes them ideal for people with sensitive skin too.

Wet the treatment bar with water to lather, and evenly apply it to your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and use lukewarm water to rinse it off. That was easy. Wasn’t it?

Check out TofuSecret for all your skincare needs. Whether you just want to shed off dead skin cells or clear dark spots, we have numerous products for you. Exfoliation is truly an essential step of your skincare routine and one that offsets your journey towards achieving healthy, smooth skin. So, enjoy shopping for your favorite Face Scrub & Exfoliator from authentic and award-winning brands here at TofuSecret.

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