Essence, this lightweight body lotion is made for different skin types, even the sensitive ones. The luminous cream is used after skin cleansing to hydrate the skin and get it ready for your moisturizer.

This exquisitely refreshing body lotion brings back your skin’s natural softness and velvet-like aspect after you have removed the excess oils and other impurities from your skin.

And while some might question the relevance of the Essence when you can use a toner instead, there’s actually a huge difference between these two. A toner is used post cleansing as well but for a different purpose – remove cleanser residues. Also, while water is the main ingredient in a toner, facial Essence is made of oils and a variety of active ingredients for easier skin penetration.

The healthy mix of ingredients in the facial Essence inspires a triple action by dealing with skin dryness and moisturizing your epidermis to enhance the youthful skin elasticity. The oil in the lotion also helps it melt more easily for a complete spread.

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