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TofuSecret – Top-Notch Korean Skin Care Products Online Store | Free Shipping

A white woman holding a parcel with TofuSecret's label on it. The text of "TofuSecret: Top-notch economical Korean and Japanese skincare retailer" is in the center of the picture.

TofuSecret™ – Korean and Japanese Skincare at Affordable Prices

TofuSecret™ is an online Korean and Japanese skincare retailer that combines all of your favorite skincare items from more than 40 renowned Korean and Japanese brands all in one site. For skincare enthusiasts that value every dollar spent, TofuSecret™ saves you spending unnecessary dollars. What’s with TofuSecret™?

  1. Our goal of delivering the widest variety of Korean and Japanese skincare brands. We are launching products from time to time.
  2. Free worldwide delivery for a single purchase of USD 30+.
  3. Fast delivery within 5-7 working days. If you take DHL express service, it takes 2-3 working days to deliver.
  4. Affordable prices that win comparisons. If you compare prices, you should find that TofuSecret™ sells at the lowest prices. And we are selling 100% authentic products indeed.
  5. Free advisory with skin care specialists. We have substantial knowledge and experience in producing skincare items. We know the key ingredients against every unique skin condition. We would always love to chat with you.

P.S. If we haven’t listed your favorite brands or items yet, don’t hesitate to inform us. Skincare, cosmetics, or hair care – whichever they are, we would search for them as best we can. You can make use of the live 18/7 chatroom located in the bottom right.

“Offering the widest variety of skin care and beauty brands from Korea and Japan”

East Asians are known with their all-time young looking. Would you like to explore the secret behind? Try products from TofuSecret™.

  • We provide personal advise service. Tell us the skincare and beauty questions you have, we can advise accordingly.
  • TofuSecret™ accepts credit cards and PayPal.
  • We deliver your order in about a week.
  • The price you find on TofuSecret™ is much lower than other sites or your local stores.
  • Follow us closely, our royalty program allows you to save more!

If you can’t find the item or brand you want, please talk to us via the Live Chat box at the bottom. We are available to help and respond immediately. We can provide the items you need immediately.

We provide personal advice service. We have cosmetics and skin care specialists in the team. They are able to advise the right item that fixes your skin care problems. You now have a skin care adviser for free!

With TofuSecret™, you

  • Save More Money!
    • You pay less here if you compare among all prevailing channels. Plus the basic stuff – free worldwide shipping
  • Save Time!
    • Our Website is easy to use so that with several easy clicks you can have your order on the way to your doorstep!
  • Get a Personal Beauty & Skincare Adviser!
    • Ask our skincare specialists anything via the chatroom located in the bottom right.
  • Reach us 18 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!
    • 18/7 chatroom is set up to get a real human to promptly solve all your problems. It is convenient that you don’t have to copy our E-mail address, open an E-mail service provider, and format your messages to get a response several days later. Of course, if you opt to communicate by E-mail, we are welcome and you will receive a response within 24 hours!


Want to become a PRO in online shopping? Don’t miss out a single benefit provided by us. You can’t imagine how much it’ll save you spending more.

Free worldwide shipping 

You’ll earn a free shipping for your single purchase of US$30+ (corresponding to your currency).

Attractive Discounts on On-sale items 

Check out our sale page for attractive discounts on many popular items. Shop here for your favorite items at most affordable prices. 

Loyalty Program: 1 tofu = US$1 saved

You’ll earn tofus for items purchased for a payment deduction in your next purchase! 



10% of your previous order payment will be accumulated as TOFU points, which can be used as a discount (15% MAX) on your next order.

Every purchase you make with TofuSecret, is a guilt-free saving for your next purchase.

Korean skincare has gained major traction among international beauties, supporting the increase of new products. Korean skincare trends are never static. New trends mean craze for new skincare, asking enthusiasts to throw money at expensive skincare items. TofuSecret™ is the online one that you would love to stick with, because you can get the expensive skincare items at the lowest price ever! 

Why is it named TofuSecret™?

  • Tofu, a food originated and consumed in East Asia, symbolizes our brands and products that come from the region.
  • Secret, the particular tools needed to do something very well, symbolizes the power of Korean skincare.
  • TofuSecret™, your secret to have your glowing skin as smooth as a tofu.


TofuSecret™ ‘s mission is to deliver the widest variety of Korean and Japanese brands at the most affordable prices to everyone around the world. We hope to eliminate the barriers to experiencing the quality of Korean skincare. We will never overlook the importance of speedy delivery and superb customer service as well. TofuSecret™ is on the way to be your favorite Korean skincare vendor.


Products & Service

All brands and products are hand-picked by our professional TofuSecret skin care and beauty specialists. Currently we are offering over 700 items from 48 brands at the lowest prices. You are able to find the best-fit items that bring your appearance to the next level.

Check out our skincare and beauty blog. Our specialists will update from time to time, to ensure the most accurate and updated information. We aim to gather the most useful information for you so that you need not to spend time reading any more.

You can follow our social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, to read interesting contents about skincare. Feel free to interact with us through these channels, we are happy to have fun with you.

Skincare products are our main focus, while we plan to include hair care and cosmetics products in the foreseeable future. If we haven’t list your favorite products yet, as long as they are Korean products, don’t hesitate to tell us. We are dedicated to finding the best deal on it for you.

What You Can Expect

  • 100% Authentic items
  • Lowest price among all prevailing sellers
  • Our own natural skincare products (To be announced)

The website / business is wholly owned by 2 Easy Private Limited co.  , a company incorporated in Singapore(Registration No. 201927144R)

Tofu Rewards Program