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The Top Korean Skincare Blogs Award 2020

Top Korean Skincare Blog Award 2020

Top Korean Skincare Blog Award 2020


Mar 25, 2020

We have selected the top Korean skincare blog of the year, hoping to provide our customers with the best and most updated skincare information.

Here are 10 Blogs about Korean Skincare that you SHOULDN’T read, otherwise you will be addicted to and have troubles leaving K-Beauty, just like these bloggers…They have the black magic to get you…

People: How many sincere, insightful, generous, innovative and trendy posts do you want to
write for your blogs?

The 10 bloggers: Yes!!!! (Search “How many yes meme” if you don’t know this joke…)

This will literally be their answer if they are asked. (and if they know the joke, ha.) Neither are they here just to make up the numbers nor to simply be a stopgap.
Laggards? No.
Tedious blogs? No.
Hypocritical blogs? No!
They are the winners of our hearts and esteem, and probably one of yours. Curious of how they
capture hearts? Read these Top Korean Skincare Blogs now!

(In random order)

The Top Korean Skincare Blog List

The Happy Sloths 

The Best comprehensive K-beauty blog

Jasmine, who expressed her love to sloths by the name of her blog, is not a sloth when it comes to reviewing the newest products she’s reached. Every post is delivered hot with sincerity. Not lengthy and precise, her reviews are worth your three-minutes read. What is more, she does giveaways sometimes!

Skin Full of Seoul (Normal/Combination Skin)

The Best Korean Skincare KOL Blog

By the name of her blog, you know what you can expect from Katherine. Full loyalty to K-Beauty! Katherine stayed at Seoul for 4 years, which nurtured her great awareness of the trend of K-Beauty. If you are following her Instagram, you will be amazed by her compelling glowing skin and her enthusiastic engagement with her followers. Writing about K-Beauty has become her profession and belief. Given her nearly 5-years’ experience in beauty consultation field, you know how much her works are worth a read!

Bonnie Garner / BEAUTY ALLEY (BTY ALY) (Dehydrated Combination Skin) 

The Best K-beauty Review Blog

Running her blogs for almost 9 years in total, Bonnie stands out for her never-dying exuberance for beauty. The regular release, well-rounded reviews and explanation of ingredients, all constitute a powerful evidence. If you are a careful person who always wants a professional evaluation of a product, Bonnie is your perfect woman!

Snow White and the Asian Pear (Combination Skin; Sensitive, acne-prone, PIH) 

The Best Wikipedia blog in Korean Skincare

It’s a pity this blog had stopped updates at the end of 2019. But the overwhelming materials left there are still valuable and helpful for anyone (a-n-y-o-n-e, regardless of your skin type), especially those who are new to K-Beauty. The organization of the whole blog is very reader-friendly. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in such a blog full of essays and research. (who else bother doing research?) This blog is a must-read!!!

Fifty Shades Of Snail (Normal Skin) 

The Best Anti-aging Blog

Meet Jude, a loyal fan of Sulwhasoo. Count how many reviews she had written for Sulwhasoo. (29, you are welcome.) Other than the Korean brand, she also feels loyalty to analyzing the safety of products (the ingredients) with the CosDNA analysis, a unique section that you probably find in only her reviews. You now know where to go when you are considering Sulwhasoo! (or more Korean brands since she does reviews of a wide range of brands.)

Style Vanity 

The Best Blog for the Skin Concern Solutions

Absolutely one of the most beautiful blogs you have ever seen! Alyssa sorted her articles into 12 categories of skin concerns, which means you all can be benefited from her diverse best tips and product reviews for each concern. Just a glimpse and you will be surprised by how knowledgeable this little girl is and her fantastic use of visuals. Currently, she is innovating her reviews with the addition of authentic videos. Let’s do a regular check!

Of Faces and Fingers

The best Skincare Lookbook Blog

Still haven’t seen a review of some interesting brands? Pay a visit to Jerlene’s blog and look at her list of brands that she has featured. (WOW!) The excellence of her blog was recognized by her share of finalists at several Singapore blog awards and social media awards. She literally deserved a win for her demanding scientific input in the reviews!

Geeky Posh (Dehydrated Combination Skin; Slightly sensitive, dark spots, anti-aging) 

The Most Classic Beauty Blog

No visuals overuse (just light grayish red and orange), your eyes feel the most comfortable when you enter Geeky Posh. No flashy bombast, your patience won’t get lost when you read the geek’s reviews. While other bloggers educate you the most effective ways to apply your skincare products, Jenny taught you how to exploit the products (the unwanted ones) to the max. Definitely not a geek…

My Women Stuff (MWS) 

The Legend of Beauty Blogging

Started MWS in 2007, Paris B is probably one of the most seasoned beauty bloggers. Thirteen years of skincare experience positions her as an expert in everything about beauty, including how to avoid being a shopaholic. You just couldn’t imagine what you would learn from her insightful posts. She even held some workshops for her reader community. Regret knowing this blog too late?

Beauty Nerd By Night 

The Best Blog for the Intelligent Budget Buyers

As a university student, Jiawun cares about price. That’s why she wrote some posts about Korean products under certain price. If you want to find some very affordable quality goods, you should visit Jiawun’s blog. She also wrote about DIY Beauty Recipes, as a good substitute of skincare products.

Skin&Tonics (Normal to Dry Skin; Sensitive, acne-prone, PIH)

The Best Blog for K-beauty Guidance 

Kerry, the blogger, provided some guides to skincare routines, like Morning, Evening, and you definitely should not leave her Korean Skincare Routine guide unread!

The Baller on a Budget

The Best Blog for Natural Skincare & Top Korean Skincare Blog

Read one of her popular posts about the 10-step Korean Skincare Guide.

Bonus: Reddit’s Korean Beauty & Asian Beauty subreddits (not a blog ,though)

You could’ve found anything you need to know in the above-mentioned Top Korean Skincare Blog. Who knows if you have innovative concerns that nobody had mentioned before? Always feel free to raise your voice there (and here in TofuSecret), and enjoy interesting discussions with Redditors. They don’t bite and we don’t too!

Almost all reviews include a key concern – price. They say certain products are recommended if the price is not a problem to you. It really is not a problem if you shop at TofuSecret, we offer products of the same quality at the lowest price! Come to check the price!

We don’t say that the Top Korean Skincare Blog listed here are the best and the only source where you should look for Korean skincare information. If your favorite blogs are not (but deserve to be) listed here, please feel free to comment below, share the joy, fun and surprise from K-Beauty with us and people around the world!


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