Founded by the prestigious Medical Beauty School in Seoul University, Mediheal has continued to produce authentic skin care products to meet the different needs of the vast worldwide market.

Mediheal – blends the best skin care technology with naturally-derived ingredients

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This powerhouse blends the best skin care technology with naturally-derived ingredients to generate skin-friendly and innovative products that will solve all your skin concerns without causing drying or irritation

The competent team of skin care experts and dermatologists at Mediheal are always ready to listen to your concerns and recommend the best product to solve it. From Sheet Masks, lotions, moisturizers, essence, cleansers, toners, makeup removers, and many more, Mediheal strives to inspire beautiful, radiant skin from the comfort of your home- you won’t need to go for extravagant surgery treatments.

Mediheal is a brand of L&P Corporation in Korea with a reputation that continues to spread like wildfire.  All the products are skin-friendly and dermatologist tested for effectiveness. And with over 10 million mask packs sold worldwide and the recommendation from SBS and the Korean Media, things can only get better. 

As one of the market leaders in Korea, Mediheal maintains a collective goal of providing a solution to your skin woes using the simplest clinical theories possible. The professional dermatologists formulate the skin care products to;

  • Hydrate dry skin 
  • Revitalize stressed skin 
  • Revive damaged skin 
  • Brighten dull skin 
  • Remove makeup
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Control edema and morning eye puffiness, among others

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