Essential Hygiene and Skincare Tips During the Flu and Coronavirus Pneumonia Spread


Essential Hygiene and Skincare Tips During the Flu and Coronavirus Pneumonia Spread

Having already been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, Coronavirus Pneumonia is a fast-moving infection that was first detected in Wuhan, China. And while it’s barely a month since the first case was reported, this menace has already claimed the lives of more than 200 people. In fact, the Coronavirus’ severity has prompted Chinese authorities to quarantine several major cities. 

Coronavirus was first detected on January 1st this year, just a few weeks before the eventful Chinese Lunar New Year. This highly infective respiratory infection is spreading far and wide even beyond China, causing fear across the world. As of Tuesday 29th January, there were 5 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the US, raising concerns on the safety and precautionary measures in place. 

Is It a Flu or a Coronavirus? The Big Question

Many people are at crossroads, especially because the infection shares the same symptoms as the flu. In fact, some people are confused whether they have a cold, a flu, or the dreaded coronavirus. So, to start with, let’s look at some of the common symptoms of a cold and a flu for comparison. 

Cold Flu
Running nose Mild body aches and headaches
Stuffy nose Muscle aches and pains
Sneezing Fatigue
Sore throat Fever
Persistent coughing Shivering

A cold is not as persistent and usually lasts between 7 to 10 days. On the other hand, a flu may sometimes be serious and usually lasts between 1-2 weeks. In severe cases, a flu may affect your functioning and it can be confused for coronavirus. What’s more, there’s no distinction between both infections’ symptoms and only a doctor can differentiate them. 

How to Protect Yourself from the Flu and Coronavirus Pneumonia

Now that both infections share the same symptoms, it’s important that you protect yourself from both fronts. They’re respiratory illnesses which means they are spread easily through coughing and any form of contact with infected people. The best way to protect yourself thus remains to stay away from contamination and practice hygiene at all times. 

So, to stay protected;

  • Avoid contamination. If you have the symptoms of the flu, or you suspect someone has it, keep the distance. Avoid contact with other people as you can spread the infection to them very fast. 
  • Wash your hands regularly. Use an antibacterial soap to wash your hands regularly to keep the viruses at bay. Moreover, encourage those around you to regularly wash their hands as well. 
  • Avoid sharing utensils and essentials like lotion and balms. For children, pay attention to the toys, especially if they’re being shared.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing. Also, encourage those around you to do the same
  • Wear a Mask when in public to avoid contamination

Essential Hygiene and Skincare Tips to Protect Yourself from the Infections 

Having looked at some of the protective measures, here are a few hygiene and skincare tips to keep you on the safe side;

  1. Stay Home and Rest

If you’re sick, staying home and resting is an effective way to contain the infection. Besides, when at home, you can take warm baths and cover your body with warm blankets to combat the cold. Also, remember to moisturize your skin well after showering to lock in the moisture and add an extra layer on your skin to wade off the cold. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

Unbeknownst to many, the body uses extra water to fight off the viruses when you’re sick. For this reason, it’s important that you drink plenty of fluids to replenish the reservoir. From water to antioxidant-rich tea, fluids are definitely your best friend during this time. 

Pro Tip: Chicken soup is recommended because it breaks up congestion and soothes sore throat with its anti-inflammatory properties. 

  1. Take Care of Your Skin

The last thing you want when you’re battling a severe flu is dry skin. So, after taking a warm shower, apply your favorite moisturizers and emulsions from TofuSecret to hydrate and soothe the skin. Make sure you check to ensure the moisturizer has essential ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides. These two ingredients not only moisturize your skin but they also revive the natural barrier to wade off external aggressors. Recommended Product: Dr. Ci: Labo Labo Labo Super Keana Lotion (200ml) 

Pro Tip; Avoid rigorous skincare routines like exfoliating and excessive cleansing when you’re sick. Continuous exfoliation and cleansing lifts off natural oils which aid in retaining moisture in the skin. 

  1. Hand Creams Come in Handy

I’m guessing that you’re washing your hands every now and then to keep the germs at bay. Right? Well, I recommend that you always use a hand cream afterwards to avoid leaving your skin ‘bare.’ 

So, have your favorite cream within your arm’s reach and ensure that it’s enriched with essential ingredients to moisturize and soothe your skin. Additionally, make sure the hand lotion spots anti-oxidants to protect your skin from free radicals. 

  1. Avoid Leaving Your Personal Belongings Unattended

Whether it’s your backpack or purse, I recommend that you always have it in close proximity. Leaving it unattended in public washrooms, especially invites bacteria and other disease-causing organisms which is the last thing you want. 

So, keep your bag in close proximity and off the floor. However, if you’ve already had your bag potentially in harm’s way, use mild soap and warm water to wipe it.  Recommended Moisturizers

  1. Don’t Over Do it!

Yes! Skincare is important, especially when you’re sick, but don’t overdo it. To start with, avoid using exfoliating masks until you’re feeling well. Secondly, avoid applying heavy creams for too long after taking a shower. 

While the creamy moisturizer will protect your skin from moisture loss, wearing it for long may block the pores and cause acne. Instead, prioritize the gentle, non-comedogenic options to avoid acne breakouts. 

And that’s it! Coronavirus is here with us and the best thing you can ever do to yourself is avoid contamination. Being a new phenomenon, there’s so much that is yet to be known, but one thing that’s certain is the severity of the virus. Moreover, it has the same symptoms as a flu and it’s hard to differentiate the two. 

So, avoid contact, wear masks in public, wash your hands regularly, stay hydrated, and take care of your skin! That shouldn’t be a problem. Right? 

Stay Safe! Stay Protected!


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